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At JPR Construction, we know the value of a well-maintained industrial roof for your company. To maintain your facility’s safety, security, and aesthetic appeal, we provide various industrial roofing services.

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Although though heavy-duty industrial roofs are designed to resist challenging circumstances, damage can nonetheless occur over time.

Your industrial roof in Texas is frequently exposed to severe weather, which can result in a variety of problems, such as:

types of industrial roof damages

Ponding Water

Water that collects on a flat or low-sloped roof can harm the roofing components, resulting in leaks and gradual degradation.

Punctures and Holes

Industrial roofs may become pierced or develop holes for a number of causes, such as foot activity, falling objects, and bad weather.

Cracking and blistering

Over time, exposure to the environment, such as sunshine and severe temperatures, can cause the roofing materials of an industrial roof to crack and blister.

rust and corrosion

Over time, exposure to moisture and chemicals may cause metal roofs, which are typical in industrial settings, to rust.

wind damage

Industrial roofs are susceptible to wind damage, which includes the lifting or ripping off of roofing components.

UV damage

Sunlight exposure may weaken and destroy roofing materials, which can result in leaks and other problems.

industrial roof replacements

If your industrial roof is over 20 years old or is exhibiting symptoms of severe deterioration, it’s time to think about replacing it. A new metal industrial roof gives Texas business owners a number of advantages in addition to increasing the value of their property, such as:


Metal roofs are made to last and are resistant to harsh weather, such as hail, wind, and torrential rain.

Energy Efficiency

A new metal industrial roof can increase the energy effectiveness of your building and lower your energy costs.

curb appeal

A new metal commercial roof can increase the exterior appeal of your property and increase its appeal to buyers and tenants.

minimal upkeep

Metal roofs are simple to clean and maintain and require little maintenance.

keep your industrial roof in good standing year-round

Frequent industrial roof care is essential to extending the life of your roof and preventing expensive repairs. Avoiding expensive repairs and increasing the lifespan of your roof, is how our maintenance program intends to save you money over time.

We provide routine cleanings and inspections, and we’ll let you know if we discover any possible problems. You can rest easy knowing your industrial roof is in excellent hands with our maintenance program.

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It may be difficult to manage insurance claims, especially when they affect your industrial roof. As a result, we assist with insurance claims so that you can get the roof you require following a storm. To ensure you get the best outcome for your claim, our professionals will work with your insurance company. We are familiar with the difficulties involved in making insurance claims, and we’ll support you at every stage.

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